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We are a creditable company in distributing the best quality pistachio in Canada & all over the world. Considering our global success and reputation, we are always looking to reach new markets.

Omid Saffron based in Toronto, Canada is the one of the oldest saffron brands since 1960, which has gathered a team of experienced agriculture to supply saffron with premium quality. Omid Saffron has a full equipped laboratory for managing the entire necessary Saffron analysis base on domestic and international standards.

Over 15 years ago we took our passion for the art of premium saffron and created a company that continues to tantalize the taste buds of customers around the world to this day. Omid Saffron was delighted to be selected to produce new range of Organic Saffron.

The company employs up to date knowledge & world’s superior technology as well as taking advantages from the fine raw material.

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We are one of the most famous pioneers in distributing pistachios.
The company uses modern equipment and expert leaders and labors in its production processes.
The company distributes the wide variety types and forms of pistachios such as round, Long, Kernel , Closed etc.
Our products are sold in domestic and international markets.
The international standards in hygiene are the major consideration throughout the production process, and because of these attention, company can distribute qualified and also low cost in price pistachios and distributes them all over the world even in the East Asian countries.

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